Estimating the Movement of Traffic

The activity is complete. At this time we'd like to tell you a little bit about the purpose of the study. This was actually not about the movement of traffic.

This was an experiment on human memory. Researchers have found that how an accident later is described to eyewitness can affect their memory of an event.

In this study all participants saw the same brief video of an accident. However, in Condition 1 participants were asked:

  • "How many miles per hour was the car on the right going when it passed the center car?"


In Condition 2, participants were asked:

  •  "How fast was the car on the right going when it zoomed past the center car?". 


We were interested in whether the participants who read the word "fast" and "zoomed" would be more likely to estimate the car's speed as faster than those who did not read these words in the question.

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